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Michaela Kascak - Virtual Client

Before I began working with Jess I had a really bad relationship with my skin. She helped me to form a positive relationship with my skin, as well as mind and body. She helped me to begin to recognize the way my skin was guiding me, speaking to me in a way to help me understand what was going on deeper in my body. I realized there was a lot of stress and past emotions that I was holding onto. This was building up in my body in the form of negative energy and physical toxins. My skin was showing me signs of this in the form of inflammation, redness, puffy eyes and acne. This is just the beginning though. 

Honestly, if I went into detail about every aspect of my life that working with Jess helped with I would be writing a book. But to put it briefly, she helped me understand my relationship with myself and others, to release stored pain and get stagnant energy moving in my body again (including physical stagnation in my lymphatic system), to reassess the way I was setting boundaries for myself and within my personal relationships and so much more! 

Overall, Jess provided a full life change with the bonus of being able to identify what different forms of acne meant and developing a "tool box" of different ways to deal with them in my body by changing diet, adding in more mindful practices such as breathwork, meditation, body tapping, etc. She helped me reduce discoloration, even out my complexion, reduce my acne, and get rid of milia under my eyes that I had thought was just going to be there forever.

Virtual Client (prefers to stay unnamed)

Jess has been my go-to for skin support for years! Before I worked with Jess, I had had a long standing issue with acne. I started my journey with products from target and eventually sought out a dermatologist. For the first time in my life, my skin was clear. However, there were side effects from the medications and I knew it wasn’t a long term solution anyway. I quit the dermatologist and the meds and my acne returned. 

My skin started to heal as I healed myself and my hormones, and took in the info Jess shared online, and through using her products. 

When I worked with Jess one-on-one I learned about skin in a way I never had. The information she shared was life changing, because Jess knows how to get to the ROOT of the issue, enabling my body to heal completely. 


Now I understand if I do have a flare up, what steps I can take to support my body to heal. I come back to the basics of breath, nutrition, and teas. A small change Jess suggested was eating more warm meals because I used to eat lots of salads and smoothies, and it has made such a difference in my skin! My skin looks healthy and glowing, and stronger than before. The only thing I have are the occasional hormonal flare ups which are getting more under control over time. 


More than my skin has changed, my life too. I used to be very critical of myself and angry towards my body, and now I feel confident, healthy, and have a lot more love for myself!

So believe it or not, how I came across Jessica and her organic facials were through  Google. I literally googled 'best organic/natural facialists near me' and whallla, I found Jess. And almost a year later, I am still a happy customer. Let me tell you, my face was a legit mess from all my hormonal imbalances, stress, and lack of sleep. I was so embarrassed to go outside and my self confidence diminished greatly. Thanks to Jess, I have gained my confidence back and my face has gotten so much better!!! She has suggested things to me such as the celery juice mixes,  the calming tea leaves, and some of her all natural face products, and I have experienced  great results. A favorite  of mine is the spot treatment which has come to my rescue many times already with those stubborn under the skin cystic pimples. I love Jess, her products, and her facials  and would greatly recommend her to anyone wanting to take a more natural approach to fight the impurities of the skin.

Ronalda Edwards - Facial Room Client

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