Emotions, Digestion, & The Microbiome

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The microbiome is the backbone of our immune system, it dictates digestive health, reflects resiliency to dis-ease, supports skin health, and lives in the gut. It is the very center to which balance in our inner ecosystem lives. We commonly know the microbiome to be made up of microbiota, a variety of microbes. However, most aren't aware of how our emotions influence the microbiome and how that then reflects in our ability to digest appropriately.

Our food choices and capability of processing emotions greatly influences our microbiomes strength & resiliency either in a constructive or deconstructive manner which greatly impacts our skin's behaviour. I first want to address importance of internal balance and how vibrations of emotions affect the delicate balance of the microbiome and digestion.


Vibrations of Emotions

Emotions, being vibrations, affect us at a cellular level. Which is why it's important to recognize them and work through them rather than hold on. The longer we hold on the more damage it's doing. This could look like tight or tense muscles, illness, skin issues, and a tipped balance of the microbiome leading to digestive stress. Our bodies respond to vibrations and each emotion carries a particular frequency. When we struggle to digest emotions or poorly process them, this can then lead to health issues but most commonly reflects in our digestion. Vibrations are energy and energy does not die, it transforms.

Fig. 1, Image courtesy: Eliza Gaye

Emotions & Organs

The vibrations of our emotions are each tied to their corresponding organ and can either support or hinder their functions. Below is a breakdown of how everyday emotions that go unchecked can tip the scales of our microbiome and impact the digestion.

Energy does not just die off or go away, it is simply transformed into something else for better or worse.

Anxiety & Worry (stomach, spleen) - difficulty eliminating, impairs digestion, poor absorption of

food essence, bloating, loose stools

Anger, Frustration, Impatience (liver, gallbladder) - impairs bile that breaks down fats to fatty acids and disrupts digestion

Impatience (heart, small intestine) - indigestion, heartburn

Grief & Depression (lungs, large intestine) - constipation, bloating, slows digestion

Fear & Stress (kidneys, bladder) - poor elimination, loose stools,

impaired storage of food essence

Tip: High frequency music, meditation, and breathwork are powerful tools to help balance and process emotions!


Warm & Cooked vs. Cold & Raw

While our emotions are one aspect of the microbiome, so is the food we choose. Instead of telling you what to eat, because everyone is different and I'm not a nutritionist, I'd rather you understand how to eat your food to restore your digestive function and support the microbiome. The basic understanding of a modern day "healthy diet" is a balance of eating wholesome foods and non nutritive dense or highly processed foods. More often than not, this is translated as more salads and smoothie bowls and less cookies..however, there's a lot more to it! The problem isn't always the foods we choose, but how we eat it. If our diet mainly consists of cold and raw/uncooked foods such as ice/cold water, salads, sushi, smoothies, sandwiches, yogurts, etc. these can actually slow or hinder your digestion which can invite more bad bacteria because its not being digested properly. Warm and cooked foods nurture the stomach and support smooth digestion, optimize food essence absorption and transformation, and promote healthy bowel movements.

Here's the thing, I'm not telling you to never eat salads or fresh fruit and such, I'm suggesting that you limit them or create a balance that makes them more nutritious and easy to digest. You can easily create balance by having a hot cup of tea before or with your cold foods, eating your cold foods at the end of your meal rather than the beginning. Have soups or broths in place of or with cold foods, sautee your greens or fruit, or use warming spices, and stop drinking ice water! Strive for an 80/20 rule.

80% hot, warm, or cooked, 20% cold, fresh, or raw

Choosing foods that have higher mineral, vitamin, and water content are going to be much more supportive to the microbiome than something that is fried, processed, or sugary. The latter feeds the bad gut bacteria which throws off the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria it needs to thrive. The weaker the food we consume, the more unstable our microbiome is. Not only does this affect our gut but also our immune system and our ability to fight pathogens and dis-ease. Thus, affecting the skin's health!

The Delicate Balance of the Inner Ecosystem

The main thing to remember here is that the microbiome is made of a variety or microbiota - which are all influenced by the vibration & energy of food and emotions we do or don't digest!

Wishing you & your body health and happiness!



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