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First of all, I absolutely adore spa days. Especially in my line of work as an esthetician I have a deep appreciation for them as I don't get to experience them as a guest very often. I'm usually the one providing! I've had my eye on this spa for some time now, especially when I found out that one of the most beautiful, sustainable, organic, soulful, and herbal skin care lines, Laurel, was used here. In addition to using quality products, they offer a wide array of holistic services and activities. Many of which are rooted in TCM and Ayurveda which I loved and couldn't wait to try for myself!

At the time, I had been traveling and in the process of moving across the country along with moving through all of the emotions that come with a relationship uncoupling. I could feel the weight of it all in my body and on my skin. So you can imagine between the long drives, dehydration, irregular eating cycles, emotions, and stress, I was craving some deep TLC and a reset.

SO...let's get to the actual experience, shall we?

The Day Pass

All day passes include parking, a delicious gourmet lunch, the coffee/tea/snack/smoothie bar until 5 pm, access to many activities, classes, and wellness lectures (some were additional fees), a complimentary sling pack & water bottle, service credits, and access to the whole resort excluding the resort stay rooms on site of course. All gratuities were also included so you don't have to worry about that at the end! Each day pass has different service credit amounts you can use. Check out your day pass options here.

The Experience

From scheduling my day pass to arriving, experiencing, and departing, it was super smooth, easy, and the staff was amazing and helpful. The scenic area and desert terrain was stunning, relaxing, and grounding as well. It was so nice to just walk around in awe of the beauty of the zen landscape and breathe in the silence around me.

Unfortunately they don't have the option to book a single service. You must either be staying at the resort or purchase a full day pass to utilize their spa and activities. However, after arriving and seeing first hand all they had to offer I totally understood why they don't allow single service bookings. It's a full experience you're there for not just a 60 min. session.

Upon arriving I was greeted at the front and escorted to the front desk to get checked in. I received an itinerary for my day of the services and activities I booked tucked inside a cute complimentary backpack, water bottle, and map of the spa. They then took me on a brief tour of the main areas where lunch is served, snack/water/tea/coffee cafe, common lounge areas, and the main activity rooms. The entire resort was pretty large so the map was extremely helpful, although they did have signs to point you in the direction you needed. The snack bar had breakfast options, smoothies, and other quick bites that were available all day except the breakfast items. You can get as many smoothies, lattes, or whatever your heart desires anytime you want and as many as you wish throughout your day at no additional charge. All of it was included in your day pass!

After I made a cup of tea and grabbed a green smoothie (lord knows how hard it is to find good health food on the road so I was all over this healthy snack bar!) I made my way to the spa where my locker would be. I dropped my backpack in the locker, got all cozy in my robe and slippers and continued to explore the surroundings before my first service. The spa had a beautiful overlook of the Catalina foothills with comfortable lounge chairs, private little sanctuary spots to relax, and covered cabanas by the pools to escape the sun. The locker room was well equipped with showers, bathrooms, a sauna, and its own private lounge area.

Life In Balance Spa

My first service was a 60 min Chi Nei Tsang treatment, a 2,000 year old ancient eastern abdominal massage that targets the digestive organs, spleen, liver , as well as the diaphragmatic release using gentle pressure and kneading like movements to work out constriction or knots and reset digestion. I had never heard of this treatment before and given all the things I mentioned at the beginning, it sounded perfect for me! I was honestly so amazed by this service. I would 100% do it again it felt so good and surprisingly relaxing, I almost fell asleep! The abdomen is often an area of restriction or skipped all together in many massages which is a huge disappointment in my opinion. We tend to hold a lot of undigested emotions in this region that can impact our ability to digest food and cause tension and digestive disorders. It was so refreshing to know that this type of treatment exists! My therapist was absolutely wonderful, gentle, and answered all of my questions honestly to the best of his knowledge.

Later in the day I received an Organic Facial. As an esthetician myself, I naturally had really high expectations for this service. Overall it was a decent facial. My esthetician only had 1 year of experience and definitely felt touch and application technique was lacking and for the price point, I expected a more seasoned practitioner. I was still able to relax though, my skin still got a little TLC, and was definitely less inflamed afterwards. Although I would've loved to upgrade to a facial using Laurel's products it wasn't in my budget this time around. I did purchase Laurel's Honey Berry Masque though from their product shop and it is absolutely DIVINE!

I genuinely cannot wait to return to this spa to try their other Energy/Eastern & Ayurveda based treatments!

Take a look at all of their spectacular services here!

Activities and Classes

They have such a wide selection of activities and classes as well. From culinary, nutrition, crystals, yoga, meditation, hiking, and all things wellness, I was impressed with the number of offerings they had on a daily basis. Like I mentioned earlier, they have quite a few offerings to choose from that do not require any additional fee but also have a number of some that do require additional costs that also sounded amazing. I participated in a slow flow yoga class and a crystal class to fill in some of my day. They were nice activities to break up my afternoon between my two services and lunch. I never felt bored

and enjoyed the teachers very much! It's best to sign up for the activities prior to arrival to ensure your spot but they have a board posted with their daily scheduled classes & activities that still have space in them so if you wanted to do something last minute, you may be in luck!

Planning a visit? You can check the daily activity schedules on the specific dates you plan to be there. Check out the offerings here.

Miraval Locations

Lastly, they have 3 locations! All of them have a different feel and vibe to them from what the staff was telling me. I can only vouch for the beauty and divinity at the Tucson, AZ location but I have no doubt the other two (Austin, TX & Berkshires in Lenox, MA) are just as flawless in their own way.

Plan your trip or day pass here!

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