How To: Facial Cupping, Natural & Non-toxic Botox

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

By Jessica Sailer, 8/3/2020

What is facial cupping?

Cupping is known to be an ancient chinese therapy thought to increase blood circulation, promote cell regeneration & collagen production, and massage muscle tissue. You might be familiar with this method if you've had acupuncture as they are often accompanied by one another.

Will my face be bruised?

No. If bruising does occur it's because the cups were left on too long in one place or there wasn't enough slip for the cups to glide easily. Facial cupping is a little different than body cupping. Specifically, facial cupping is much more gentle as it uses smaller cup sizes with less grip and suction capability. As well as using a sliding technique to respect the fragility of facial tissue and skin that helps to avoid the hickey like bruises that are common with body cupping therapy. Body cupping has different methods of use where the face is less flexible in that respect. It's important that you use the correct method to maintain integrity of the area you are treating.

Facial cupping vs. Botox: benefits & side effects

In my research, there are more long lasting benefits specific to the skin with far less potential side effects with facial cupping than there are with botox treatments. Botox hasn't just been used for cosmetics, many have received botox injections for chronic headaches or migraines. Although I believe similar outcomes can be possible for headache relief with various alternative methods , such as Acupuncture & Cranial Sacral Therapy, along with facial cups or gua sha that help and support the structure of the body and relieve tensions in which botox does not.

Facial cupping is considered to be an alternative to botox and some cosmetic surgeries. No toxic injections or fillers, no invasive protocols, no appointments required, a more sustainable beauty treatment (less costly, less waste, less toxic), a one time inexpensive investment for the cups themselves.. and the best part.. you can do this at home as long as you follow the right guidelines and technique. However, if you want a further relaxing experience or would like a licensed esthetician or acupuncturist to

perform the facial cupping therapy, see if your prefered professional offers this service!

Guidelines you need to follow for safety & best at-home results:

You can incorporate this easy, non-invasive, 5 min. addition to your skin care regimen in the morning or evening up to 2x/week. My preference is morning as the cups stimulate and wake up my skin! You don't want to overuse or misuse this tool as it may cause damage to the capillaries or structure. Give at least 72 hours between sessions. Always make sure your skin is lubricated just enough to provide slip for the cups to glide along the skin's surface (try our best seller facial oil!). Cupping should not be done over active breakouts or already bruised or inflamed areas. Always wash your cups after use and wipe with alcohol to keep them as sterile as possible. Never use the larger cup around the eyes, the skin here is super fragile, be gentle and use the small one.

Want to know more about at home facial cupping? Sign up here for The online Facial Cupping Workshop to learn how to give yourself a professional anti-aging & tension relief cupping therapy session in the comfort of your own home with your own set of facial cups. Keep your facial cups away from children and store away from direct heat.

What Would My New Routine Look Like?

Good news is, it's not time consuming, invasive, or difficult to use!

*NOTE* Facial cupping can be done no less than every 72 hrs. or no more than 2x/week.

  1. Cleanse or rinse the skin with warm water

  2. Pat the skin dry

  3. Spritz your favorite toner and allow to dry completely

  4. Apply your favorite Facial Oil (use a drop or two more than you usually would)

  5. Use the facial cupping template or sign up for the online facial cupping workshop for an in depth demo

  6. That's it! You've moisturized, massaged, and stimulated the skin. Enjoy this addition to your skin care regimen 2x/week!

p.s. - remember that this is a natural and non-invasive skin rejuvenation method, be patient for results and stay consistent!

The Cupping Guide:




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