Easy Chinese Medicine Breakfast Recipe: Autumn Buckwheat Porridge

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

When it comes to food, the chinese medicine approach is always warm, hot, cooked. This is because it supports the natural digestive fire and optimizes all functions of the body. Cold, raw, uncooked inhibits or slows digestion and circulation and overtime can contribute to many of the health conditions we see today like constipation, diarrhea, IBS, poor circulation, menstrual irregularities, and more. Warming the food we eat is a great place to start for repairing and healing the body. Starting with breakfast!

In this day and age we are constantly reaching for convenience. Especially when it comes to food. However, more convenient usually means more processed, preservatives, cold, raw, and overall harder to digest foods or more toxins to eliminate which taxes the liver. This may look like cold cereals, toast, poptarts, donuts, and even presumably "healthy" items like overnight oats, yogurt, fruit, or granola. It's not that the latter half doesn't provide nutrition, it is that these items are cold and hard to digest which really doesn't allow the body to absorb the nutrients (if there is any) we think we're getting because the stomach needs to work extra hard to warm it up first. This directly affects our elimination/purification habits, skin health, and circulation.

On the chinese medicine body clock below we see that the most active time for the stomach is between 7 and 9 am and spleen/pancreas is 9-11 am. This, in my opinion, is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets us up for a great day or can completely deplete energy and affect concentration and mental clarity. All other organs that follow on this clock depends heavily on the foods we choose to eat as it nourishes and affects our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies.

It's isn't all about the food itself, more importantly we need to address the temperature. In the same respect, you may be eating your pop tarts or frozen breakfast sandwiches hot out of the microwave but that doesn't mean that it's good for you just because it is warm!

SO.. now you may be wondering what in the f*ck can I eat then?! Especially if you've been eating your yogurt parfait or favorite cereal, "healthy" or not, every morning for 10 years.

TIP: Before you eat or drink anything or brushing your teeth in the morning consume soaked raw almonds. 1 almond per 10 lbs of body weight (100 lbs - 10 soaked almonds). Digestive reset aid and supports healthy bowel movements. Soak the almonds overnight or for at least 6 hours. You may soak up to 2 days worth at a time, do not refrigerate as we don't want them ice cold. Room temp is ideal.

  1. Oatmeal - not the prepackaged kind with all of the fun flavors and sugar packed into it. Oats are wonderful for repairing the nervous system so it's especially great for those that are high stress or extremely reactive. It's also easy to make! There are other ways to consume the benefits of oats too! Check our this podcast by Organic Olivia to learn more.

  2. Buckwheat - my personal favorite! It's more hearty than oatmeal and offers more minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc, and potassium. Vitamins like B2, 3, & 5 are abundant as well as more fibre. Take a peek at this site to see more comparisons of buckwheat vs. oatmeal! Buckwheat is very versatile so you can make it savory with lots of steamed veggies and herbs or sweet like the recipe below.

  3. Stewed apples and pears with warming spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger (se recipe below!). This is a filling, hydrating, and a warming breakfast for the heart, lungs and soul. It's especially good for colder and dryer seasons like Autumn and Winter.

  4. Eggs, with the yolk, and sauteed greens with garlic if you prefer a more savory breakfast. Full of protein and alkalizing minerals. Add some buckwheat or rice to make it more filling and nourishing especially for the spleen, the spleen loves grains!

TIP: Coffee alone is not breakfast and definitely ditch the iced coffee obsession. Coffee with cream paired with fresh fruit is especially not a good combination.

Below is an amazing and delicious mocha coffee recipe that will help balance insulin, mitigate the jitters from coffee consumption, and support digestion. Have your coffee between 7-9 am. After this time frame can do more harm than good, especially to your kidneys and adrenals. Have hot peppermint tea instead in the afternoon after lunch if you're needing a pick me up!



1-2 tsp of organic maple syrup

1-2 tsp organic cacao powder

4-5 oz of organic coffee

Directions: If you like your coffee sweeter choose 2 tsp of maple and cacao. Mix a paste with the maple and cacao in your mug first then pour your coffee over the mixture and stir. Easy peasy! If you take cream with your coffee I suggest not using any with this recipe as it will change the whole chemistry of the benefits. Trust me, you won't need any creamer, it's so delicious!


The recipe below can provide a breakfast for 1 person for 3 days so it's a great meal prep recipe and can be adjusted as needed to feed your family! All you have to to is reheat. I will typically heat together equal parts of the buckwheat and stewed fruit for a fulfilling breakfast and top it off with a drizzle of organic maple syrup. While my breakfast is heating up i'll eat my dose of soaked almonds to rev up my digestion and prep my mocha coffee!

I hope you enjoy this recipe to the fullest all season long!


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