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What You Need To Know..

Acne is a secondary reaction to an internal imbalance or direct result of environmental aggressors. Environmental aggressors include air pollution, chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, infrared radiation, and temperature fluctuations. In combination with these aggressors we also need to take into account internal factors that impact the skin such as poor digestion and elimination habits, hormones, toxins, poor blood and lymph circulation, and poor cellular health. Most often when there are skin issues there are blood, lymph, food, or hormone issues that needs to be addressed first and foremost. Products are external supplements to target specific issues of the skin WHILE we work on restoring function to the internal state of being. 


Acne is not a direct result of lacking a certain product or ingredient in your regimen, although they may help manage the breakouts and congestion of the pores as well as support the skin's barrier. The skin's barrier is a protective layer that acts as a defense mechanism between you and the outside world. When this barrier is comprised via environmental aggressors, internal factors, and harsh products this can either exacerbate acne or trigger it to present itself. In essence, acne is a signal the body is giving to tell us that there's something wrong. In most cases, products alone will not fix this but can speed the healing process and protect the skin, only if the right products are introduced to the skin and the internal dysfunction is being addressed.

Common Myths...

MYTH #1: Oily skin causes acne.

False. Oil is not the devil. The skin needs it for moisture and protection. When there is excess oil this can be a result of either internal or environmental factors. When these factors are at play this creates an unhealthy supply of oil where it can oxidize and attract more bacteria and dirt and creates an infected pore, aka a pimple). That said, not everyone who has acne has oily skin. Dry skin can also manifest acne due to lack of moisture and protection the oil provides. It's not about the oil, it's about the diet, hormones, environment


MYTH #2: All acne is the same and should be treated the same.

False. There are actually over 120 skin types according to Traditional Chinese Medicine vs the 4 skin types in modern esthetics, thus many different combinations that can result in inflammation. There is not a single answer for everyone's acne. That's why your bff's products or treatments may not be working as well for you as they do for them. There are many elements, all mentioned above, to consider before creating a well rounded protocol for you as an individual.



MYTH #3: Acne is acne, no matter the location.

False. I have a magical face mapping tool that helps me figure out where in the body the imbalance may reside in according to where the acne manifests on the skin. This way I can properly analyze and create a protocol designed to restore balance on and beneath the surface.