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our philosophy

Did you know that imbalances in the body are usually first seen in the skin before many other diagnostic tests can detect them? Our skin is a direct reflection of our inner state of well-being and health. The body communicates in many ways, the skin is no exception. However, we have to be able to understand how to decipher these codes it provides. Indications of imbalances include acne, eczema, dryness, excess oil, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and even excessive wrinkles. As within, so without.


Our approach to skin care is rooted in embodying balance and harmony from the inside out and outside in. The truth is, in order to approach any skin condition, your esthetician has to understand energy and the energy, or behaviour, that caused the condition in the first place to address it properly. Not many estheticians know how to do that. We will never give you a cookie cutter facial treatment. Yes, we love some fluff, but we will always give your skin what it needs because it changes daily, seasonally, cyclically, and responds to everything we feed it. Diet, emotions, & thoughts. It's truly beauty inspired by wellness.

Our treatments are a perfect blend of holistic and clinical.

Medical grade & FDA cleared, our bread and butter is the Celluma LED Light Therapy device used in almost every treatment we offer. It's a powerful tool to help restore function for a range of skin conditions like acne and aging.

The product line we use, Green Envee, is clean, plant active, luxury, potent, aromatic, and 100 % vegan. 

Read up on the Celluma Light Therapy Device!


meet jessica

Jessica is a Licensed Esthetician & Functional Skin & Wellness Consultant specializing in acne. She integrates various elements of her traditional & holistic trainings to create well-rounded and personalized protocols to support your skin, your well-being, and help you identify the why behind your skin condition. If you're ready for real change, she's your girl.


"Skin care is more than products, treatments, and fancy tools. It is a practice of self-discovery."

her story...

"I've always felt this pull towards integrating eastern medicine into esthetics. Other than using natural products and tools I didn't really know how to deepen a skin care treatment beyond that. That was until I found Holistic Dermal Professionals courses for estheticians.


At the time of this new finding I had been dealing with a cyst for 7 years that no matter what measure I took (including surgical removal, injections, antibiotics, homeopathics, etc.) it was relentless and refused to heal. After the surgery didn't work I felt at a loss, that it would simply never go away. However I thought I'd ask my teacher & mentor what her thoughts were. Not only did she know exactly where the imbalance was and how to fix it, she didn't recommend a single topical or product of any kind. She had me switch my diet to hot/warm/cooked foods only and provided specific breathwork and qi gong to do daily. Within 120 days this cyst was gone and left me in complete awe. It was finally gone and all I had to do were very simple tasks and not to mention,100% free.


That experience alone taught me the power of understanding function of the body to address the skin. I've always believed that the skin is a reflection of what's going on inside but didn't truly understand what that meant until I began studying this ancient material and experiencing it first hand. I will never not incorporate this knowledge into my practice for my clients that are ready for it. This is powerful stuff!"



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